July 25, 2012

Boston mayor and Chicago councilmember move against free speech

Boston's mayor and Chicago alderman Proco "Joe" Moreno both want to use governmental power to block Chick-fil-A outlets in their city because of the anti-gay position of its owner. This is clearly unconstitutional but because they are doing it in the name of a good cause, they seem to be getting away with it.

It doesn't surprise us. The Review was one of the few progressive journals to point out the unconstitutionality of a category called hate crimes. Hate is protected under our constitution; doing something is illegal because you hate is not. But adding a penalty because exercising a constitutional right was a motive is blatantly illegal.

Ramn Emanuel joins in 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"move against free speech" my arse!

Corporations and their mouthpieces should have no rights to speech.

How can you write something like that, Sam? You of all people in the world should be immune to corporatocratic propaganda.